A number of colleagues and I are currently reading Kief Morris’ excellent book on Infrastructure as Code (link below). Here’s a short summary of the first two chapters.

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Transitioning from “The Iron Age” of managing your hardware resources yourself, to “The Cloud Age” where you instead buy usage of virtualized resources as needed, Kief tries to frame our thinking in assuming that “systems are unreliable” why we need to “Make everything reproducible”, focus on creating “disposable things” that “Minimize variation” and that we can “repeat any action”.

Kief claims that stability comes from making changes and that neither prioritizing speed…

We’ve gotten some great feedback on ! Thank you for that; please keep it coming!

The feedback boiled down to three topics (and two bonus ones!), which we will address in this follow-up:

  • Team performance
  • Individual performance
  • Project ownership
  • Optimizations
  • How we work

Let’s start with the Team Performance. The feedback boiled down to this: “How do you know that a mobbing team will perform better than a non-mobbing team?”

It is hard to compare two distinct teams from one another — especially if the teams are working on completely different things. So instead of trying…

One of the engineering principles we adhere to at Redgate, is to write down “each time anyone is about to embark on a significant architectural change”. The steps we go through are:

  • Do planning before building something new. This can be in-person white-boarding or just talking it through with the team members, if you’re all clear on how you will get things done. We encourage looking at existing ADRs and using a similar approach.
  • Capture this plan in a short, written document. Once it is clear to the team how and what you do, it should be…

The Guv’nors team (responsible for the and products) has been mobbing extensively — in fact almost exclusively — for the past six months. This has proven particularly useful as the team have undergone significant personnel changes during this same time. By focusing on mobbing, the team has been able to successfully offboard three engineers and onboard two while continuing to deliver frequent customer value.

Wait, what is mob programming again?

Mob programming is a software development paradigm in which “the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer”. It’s a…

Sami Lamti

This Swede who moved with his family from Stockholm to King's Lynn and donned the role as a Senior Software Engeineer at Redgate

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